Saturday, December 21, 2013

Great Year

Okay, so here's the last batch I've got for you for now.  It's been an incredible year and I've had a blast attending cons, small shows, live arts and working on commissions.  Here's to the next great year!  Cheers for now!!! <3

Fund Raising Art

Here's a couple pieces I did this year for fund raising events:

The Legend of Korra:

Princess Leia Sugar Skull:

Live Art Pieces

The local artists love to throw live art shows every time there's a huge movie opening or at even pre-con parties!  So, with that being said, here's a hand full of some of the pieces I've done at said shows.

If you ever want more information on up coming live arts, you can always follow me on Twitter @tressabowling for updates!

Godzillia and Gizmo VS Zombie Ponies

You read the title right....
This was a commission...a crazy commission, but I had a really fun time with it.

Thanks Tony! 

TMNT Mural

I don't normally get the pleasure of creating such large pieces like murals, but I'm always THRILLED to get the chance.  Throw me an email if you're ever in need of one!

This one...needs no explanation really.  Just know that I only did the manhole (all done by hand, no stencils).  The second shot has a decal on the wall of Donny.

Con Commission Bevy

The Charon

Commission piece
The Charon in watercolors

Captain Stark

Hey....Eveyone has a little Captain in them!
 Commission for my buddy Alex.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Geek Love

Here's a piece I did for a couple friends I use to work alongside back in the day!  I only get to see them now at the Baltimore Comic Con and I was more than happy to do this piece for the two of them.