Saturday, November 29, 2014

Convention Commissions & Fancy Colors

With only one more con left for the year I'm starting to get excited about hibernating for the next few months.  Here's a collection of commissions from the past few cons and other pieces I've yet to share on this site.  As always you can follow me on Twitter @tressabowling, Instagram under Tressa Bowling or my Tumblr page HERE for more up to date posts.

She-Hulk Commission from Geek Galaxy Con
 Ms. Marvel and Lockjaw sketch card set.  They sold at Geek Galaxy.
Toph sketch card! (She's my spirit animal)

 Doctor Hooves on a Doctor Who sketch cover

Baby Doll commission

 Same customer who commissioned the Doctor Who cover also wanted me to do put Wolverine on a cover that he didn't belong on.  I couldn't resist paying homage to J.H. Williams III for this commission.

Hiro and Baymax sketch card set! "Haiiiiry BABY!"

Alice in Wonderland commission.