Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trading Card Madness...and a Clown

This past weekend  I had the pleasure of being one of the featured artists at A+ Comics for the comic book creators independence day.  This was the first time that I've had the chance to publicly display my art and try to sell prints and sketches.  I'll admit, I was wicked nervous having never done anything like this before...felt a little vulnerable sitting around people like Robert Kirkman and Mark Kidwell who are established creators.  I know what you're thinking, "Why was Tressa there, she doesn't have a comic book of her own?"  Well, the shop got wind that my friend Jason and I are creating a web comic and that's why I was there.  We haven't started posting the comic yet but I really think it's something that people will enjoy...don't worry I'll keep you updated on it.
Anywho, basically what I did was sell copies of some sketch cards that I came up with and I also did 5 dollar ink sketches for those who wanted a character of their own.  Here are the sketch cards that I had to begin with:
Cute, right?  The Buffy was my favorite, which I ended up give the original to a my new friend Kerry!  I loved how they all turned out, so expect more in the future!  If you want one of your own my commission prices are 15 for ink or a portrait style and 25 for color.  One that I did for Kerry's boyfriend, Micheal, was this little critter:
 It's Dexstarr!!!!!
The other brand spanking new thing I have to share is my latest pencil portrait...for those who don't care much for clowns, brace yourself....
For those who may not know this is from the opening scene of "The Dark Knight" where the Joker (seen here up above) successfully robs a bank.  Wouldn't you hand the money over if that came walking in?  The original is up for sale if anyone is interested, please let me know!
Last but not least I have become a part of a podcast!!! :)  My friend Jen, who you all know from Confessions of a Fan Girl http://fangirl92183.blogspot.com/ has created a like minded podcast for what us chicks like to discuss.  It's Jen, Kerry and I and it's all things nerdy in the world!!!  Please check us out and become a follower...we are getting better and better each broadcast!! http://fangirlconfessional.podomatic.com

Well, that's it for right now...I'm diving deeper and deeper into the show that I'm stage managing so these next few weeks are going to be crazy and fun at the same time!

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